Bar Camp South East

The first Barcamp in Cork was really enjoyable – and a great learning and social day. Myself and Tom Corcoran (who manages the WIT Research and Innovation Centre in Waterford) had a discussion recently about the idea of a mini-barcamp for the South East.

Barcamp is a term for a gathering of people – businesses and techies – where the talks are given by the attendees and not by “experts”. It facilitates attendees learning from their peers and getting to know more about the various start-ups and established businesses by listening to short talks/presentations and taking part in discussions afterwards. Each of us have valuable skill sets, experiences and learnings that sometimes we take for granted – but that are of interest to others.

Tom can make available the facilities of the WIT centre in Carriganore – a superb building situated on its own campus. There would certainly be attendees from the various businesses and organisations situation in the Centre including the TSSG group who do research work in the communications software sector.

There is a wiki page at

If you are interested in this and would like to attend, help, present please either leave a comment here or go to the page above. There is no current date set – except for early 2007 I guess.

(orginally posted on my Pureplay blog)



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