Our first sponsors

Thanks to Michele in the Carlow based hosting company Blacknight for agreeing to sponsor us.

blacknight logo

Working out the finer details of what that Blacknight sponsorship will be used for – however an early idea is for them to sponsor the Podcasting of the event. With Bernie, Ken and Tom all attending so far we should be capable of capturing each presentation and making them available afterwards.

Of course that has yet to be mentioned to the dynamic trio. What a wealth of talent though 🙂



3 responses to “Our first sponsors

  1. One thing I would recommend in general is to make no assumptions about contributions.

    So, for example, if you hope to get recordings of most sessions then make sure to get someone(s) to commit to doing it on the day.

    I had hoped to take lots of mini-videos at the first one but got distracted. However, If I had promised to do it, I’m sure I’d have made the time.

  2. Good comment Conor. That post was just the opening shot and in fairness to the lads if they do commit to this I am sure it will be done well:-)

    For myself (and Tom also I guess) we will have to avoid most direct commitments on the day so we can help ensure smooth running.


  3. “A wealth of talent….” is that supposed to be a bribe?

    And when you know what levels of sponsorship you think you might need or areas that need covering in terms of sponsorship then do, let me (everyone) know!

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