In Balance

As at 07.31 this morning the wiki shows

  • 17 attendees (of whom 17 male)
  • 1 Talker (Bernie – you have to be guaranteed an audience 🙂

This is a very shy bunch. There are some on the list who are regular speakers – please list your chosen topics gentlemen. For those of you who are not be clear about this – everyone has a story to tell that is of interest to the rest of us. The barcamp audience are very receptive and encouraging to new speakers – it is an audience of people who are your peers and who share the same issues, worries and challenges.

Your talk could be about the challenges to start-up a business, your personal or business success or failures, an idea you have but do not know how to progress (how about an idea lab session – each person gives a 2 minute overview of an idea and invites feedback – I have at least one that feedback would be welcome on) or your use of technology or internet services.

Get up there and list yourself in the talkers space – powerpoint if you wish, use a whiteboard or just talk.



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