Photo please

One of the struggles for me in Barcamp Cork was trying to identify bloggers (and others) whom I knew by name but not what they looked like.

To help this time around I have done a quick search (with no regard for copyright issues) for images of attendee’s. Some I have not found – help required please to keep it comprehensive.

I used a bcise tag in flickr.

Hope people find this useful on the day. It also gives a more human side to the group that will gather. If you don’t like your pic – tag one of your own :-).

If I have misidentified you completely – please let me know.



6 responses to “Photo please

  1. I smell a law suit from and Ross Costigan Photography ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Might well just have to tag a photo of my own and actually start using Flickr!

  2. Ah they’re gone! I’ve uploaded a pic of myself here in the office anyway, tagged it for you and (seen as its my first flickr photo – I uploaded a few extra ones too) it should be public in a few days I think.

  3. thanks for that Ken ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Keith, I tagged one of my flickr photos with bcise, so it should show up for you there, let me know if you would prefer a ‘frontal’ shot instead – although as one of the few women that attend these things, people usually do well at remembering my name!

    I’ll send you a little paragraph or two on my session as soon as I can, I have a vague idea of what it’s about, but I’ll prolly flesh it out this weekend.

  5. that is up elly and should be in the stream soon – thank you!


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