A paragraph or two..

..would be great to receive from you if you intend speaking/talking at this event.

We will post them up here – under a talk category – and use them to give potential visitors more information on which to make an attendance decision. And also to help attendees to plan our day 🙂

Please send to: barcampsoutheast At gmail.com or post as a comment here.

The talks currently being planned can be seen on the wiki and at present are:

  • Bernie Goldbach from Podcasting in Ireland, Conn O Muineachain from Edgecast Media and other Irish podheads will run a series of four 20-minutes talks under the heading of “Podcamp Waterford”.
  • Walter Higgins : Demystifying Paypal – how to make money while you sleep (Walter will be speaking about his online editor – pxn8).
  • James Corbett : How blogging can win you a position on an Advisory Board
  • James Corbett : Idea-lab discussion leader – Second Life and Virtual World opportunities (Hopefully Sabrina Dent will make it and take-over as discussion leader).
  • Conor O’Neill : Something interesting I swear. Will give a title closer to the date.
  • Brian Caulfield : Accessing Venture Capital Funding (this was a very popular talk in Barcamp Cork)
  • Paul Watson: Unconventional Rails. Rails outside of its comfort zone.

If anyone has any suggestions for Conor email him or let him know here. And speaking for the non-techies amongst us it is great to see a Ruby On Rails talk from Paul – however can someone do the idiot guide talk first so we have some chance with his?!

thanks, keith


3 responses to “A paragraph or two..

  1. Hi,

    I can do an introductory overview of rails. I think it would be useful to cover some of the other similar new frameworks too and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. I added it to the list of talks on the wiki.



  2. Thanks for that Aidan


  3. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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