Evening time – Bloggers Dinner

UPDATE – votes so far are for Saturday evening so we will go with that. Once we get a better idea of numbers we will select the venue – mid price range and in the city. Ta for responses everyone and keep them coming so we can be clearer on numbers.
If bloggers wish to gather in Waterford on either the Friday or Saturday evening please start the ball rolling with a wiki entry – or comment here. Your call – we should have the funds to sponsor the wine :-).



15 responses to “Evening time – Bloggers Dinner

  1. I think I’d be up for nosh on the Saturday.

  2. I’ll probably come down on the day, if I can get away so I’d be for a meal in the evening too.

  3. Saturday night would be better for me too, we’re driving down on Sat morn and staying the night in Waterford.

    Must remember to post some hotel details on the wiki, I found a couple of good deals…

  4. Love to hear those deals Elly

  5. Saturday evening for me too please….

  6. Saturday evening is good for me.

  7. Saturday night is better for me as well

  8. Sign me up for Sat night, too 😉

  9. Dinner and conversation. Sounds like a good deal.. if there is still a seat left.

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