One day to go and a great crowd expected!

Currently looking at 84 participants on the wiki which is deadly and on the speaker front we have 21 great individual talks and 2 equally great panels!

Finding money for your start-up (more here)

Building a Web Services Company (more here)

We have trimmed the speaking slots to 40 minutes (from 45) and reduced lunch to the same 40 minutes so that we can run 3 tracks (only exception being the Web Services panel which has a slot to itself) and finish just before 17.00’ish.

I am off the radar for most of tomorrow while Tom Corcoran is busy with last minute preparations of the building and facilities so see y’all on Saturday morning 🙂



2 responses to “One day to go and a great crowd expected!

  1. I’m afraid my driver has bailed at the last minute. The idea was to land at Dublin airport and drive directly to Waterford. Unless there’s a lift going and I hear about it within the next hour or so (which is not likely to happen!) I won’t be able to attend 😦

    Unfortunately I can’t fly this evening on account of the boss (wife) heading out for the evening – it doesn’t happen often compared to my ventures into London, so I can’t ask her to stay in.

    Hope it all goes well and I hope to meet up with you good folk soon.

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