As a last request to the presenters – if you have documents (ppt etc) from your talk it would be great to have them up on this page:

Or send them to me and I will put them up. Also if any attendees have docs with notes that they are happy to share that would be a good place also. As I see posts I will link to them from there as well.

ta, keith


5 responses to “Presentations

  1. Err, I have a couple of text files I wrote up in Vim a few nights before. Does that count?

    Actually, I could possibly get an article or two out of some of them so stay tuned 🙂

  2. What happened to the recorded vids? I can only find the WordPress one from Donncha.

  3. Hi Jason

    we are waiting on the AV depart in WIT to let us know the answer to your question – either myself or Tom will get back here with that soon.

    ta for your patience.


  4. Oh cool .. Ill keep an eye out.

  5. Update on this – the Videos came back from the AV Dept in raw (and consequently enormous) formats so myself and Tom will have to slowly rip through them to reduce the sizes. First up will be the “how to find money for your start-up” panel discussion.


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