Panel discussion – finding money for your startup

The second panel discussion will be on the subject of funding your start-up. This one (to be held in the 11.45 to 12.30 slot) will feature a combination of well known and not so well known names to you.

The Panel so far (2 others may also join it):

Louise Grubb is the CEO of Nutri-Science, a nutraceutical company based in Waterford. In business since 1999 they have raised funding from a variety of sources including County Enterprise Boards, Enterprise Ireland (€150k) and BES (€250k). They are previous participants on the SEEPP program.

Mick Cahillane is an active private investor and may be able to help participants understand the way in which Angel Investors make their decisions.

Evert Bopp who is in the process of fundraising for

Brian Caufield of Trinity Venture Capital.

UPDATE – 5th panel member is Bernie Goldbach – a lot of people missed his Cork Barcamp presentation (available here) where he spoke of his dot-bomb business experience so you can catch up with that here.

So we have a spread of experience ranging from self-funding and CEB grants to the Angel Investor and VC. What is missing is the slow burning web service start-up, however we will cover that nicely in the first panel discussion after lunch where a number of the participants are in that phase of development.



Students and barcamp

In response to a comment on the blog last night – students, whether from WIT or any other college, are very welcome to attend on Saturday – please sign up if you are interested!


Thanks to Sam – and what is Fergus up to?!

Sam Sethi gave us a mention this morning (see here) in the midst of a long lineup of conferences coming up in Ireland and the UK – appreciated Sam. And there in the post is our very own Fergus Burns (of nooked fame) organising a barcamp in Scotland – Edinburgh specifically.

This kind of international networking might explain why the South East managed to get a barcamp together before the cute hoors from the West 🙂


Travel update – taken from bottom of wiki

1. I plan to drive down from Galway on Saturday morning, so I can offer one place, in my small van. Alternatively, if somebody is travelling down in a larger vehicle and can offer me a lift, I’d happily accept. Alan:
2. I’m driving from Bandon to Waterford on the Saturday morning and back early on the Sunday morning (staying in Ramada). Happy to give lifts to up to four people if I can easily grab you enroute.
3. If there is anyone travelling from Wexford town who has to offer a lift, I would gladly take it. Also tipps are apreciated (bus/train/etc).

Building a Web Services company


I have posted this up on wiki – should be a good one :-). We will run it immediately after lunch and without competing sessions (thus incurring the wrath of Damien who campaigns so strongly to break monopolies!) so everyone who wants will get a chance to attend and participate. Needs a facilitator – if no-one volunteers we will nab someone on the day.


We would like to start the afternoon leg of the barcamp with a group hug panel session as suggested by James. I have been in contact with Walter and Conor on this, Joe has wiki’ed a yes, I have left a message for Helene in Nubiq and I cannot see an email for Jan Blanchard so this is a reach out to you all 🙂

Barring a negative reaction from any of you this will go up on the wiki talks section tomorrow. Also room so for a couple more people on the panel so please put yourselves forward – I may have missed someone blindly obvious. Nothing too much to it – 5 minutes per person on panel (off the cuff I reckon unless people want to use powerpoint) and then Q&A/discussion.

Going to work on a “Where to get money for your startup” panel next.


Posting of barcamp details to your blog

A gentle reminder for anyone attending to consider posting on the barcamp to your blog. Even if you have done so already it may catch the eye of someone who can relate to it better after Christmas.

Also have a think about friends, colleagues and other businesses who maybe interested but who don’t read blogs – send them an email 🙂

thanks, keith

Confirmation of wi-fi access

We will have wifi access at the barcamp courtesy of the WIT tech crew who will ensure that the 1G pipe coming into the building is distributed to the areas we are using on the 20th.

So pack your laptop or internet access device 🙂